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Why is it so difficult to work on your projects?

Aydee Latty

Aydee Latty

I'm just asking questions.

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Why is it so tough to work on your own projects

Does anyone have an explanation why it’s so challenging to work on your stuff? Why isn’t my personal website finished? Why isn’t my personal music finished? Ideas sat on my machine for weeks and years while clients are complete within days. Why is it that I have lots of bright ideas for clients Social Media accounts, but I draw a blank for mine?

Is this another common phenomena?

Maybe it’s fear of failing to impress ? You don’t want to have your ability judged.

Fear of setting the bar too high? You do too good of a job the first time around, and you might be setting yourself up with impossible standards for the future. What if you can’t do it again?

No answers here. Just questions.



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