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How do I get started with my personal brand?

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How do I get started with my personal brand?

If you’re trying to figure out how to get started with your personal brand, here’s a tip!

Branding isn’t you just saying or designing great things about your business. It’s what other people say about your business, and with personal branding, it’s the same concept.

One way to get started creating your PB is to invite three friends to a room or a Zoom. If you’re too bashful to do this in person, one idea is to create a poll with your friends or colleagues. Ask them these questions.

Name some things I do really well?
What problem or pain do you experience that you would ask me to fix?
What don’t I do so well?
If you could write a book about me or my services, what would the title be?

This would be a beneficial exercise, even if you don’t use it for your brand. You never know what answers might come from it. It could be enlightening, and I’m sure they’ll give a load of honest feedback to get you started on your PB.

Good luck! 🚀



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