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Ashburnham Place

The Challenge 

This charity-run community and conference centre needed an updated environmentally friendly website that enabled a diverse user base to find out more and access their services.

The many challenges included their uniquely diverse services of events, conference services, environmental action and a reflection of the centre’s role in the region.

The Solution 

– Discovery sessions with all departments and stakeholders
– Built the website to meet WCAG and EU accessibility standards
– Created backend code and donation forms
– Added room bookings and events functionality
– Ensured environmental aspects are fully reflected

The Results 

– More users accessing the website by 10%
– Volunteer applications increasing by 5%
– Mailing list subscribers are up by 10%
– Donations are easier to find

Homepage Computer Screen
Mobile View Ashburnham
The Pelham Screens

The Pelham

The Challenge 

We had the honour of working with The Pelham charity and community centre to create an online hub. Their team needed a way to provide a resource website, and increase donations and bookings at The Pelham.

The Solution 

– Mailing list sign-up and funnel
– Custom donation form
– Creation of a resource hub
– Events Calendar addition

The Results 

– Bookings are up over 20%
– Mailing list subscribers increased by over 30%
– Donations are up 25%
– The local community now has access to online resources and information

Luce Music

The Challenge 

We created an award winning learning space for singers and musicians, which required bookings, events hub, online courses, coaching and music downloads.

The foundation needed to be laid to build a network of email subscribers, and there needed to be more brand clarity online.

The Solution 

– Created an free eBook (Lead Magnet) download 
– Integrated a contact form for inquiries
– Added a mailing list sign-up form
– Added a blog area 
– Developed an E-Commerce store to purchase, courses, and 1-1 coaching.

The Results 

– Website received the Thomas Kramner Award for Digital Creativity.
– Thriving online hub for booking and resources
– Online singing course 60+ enrolees in year 1
– Increased mailing list sign-ups by 15%
– Increased engagement via blog

Luce Music Screen
"Aydee creates space to work through ideas, will always allow things to evolve, but is able and comfortable enough to help to re-focus and deliver a brilliant end project."
John Harris
John Harris
Springfield | CEO

Micah Purnell

SEO & website optimisation

SEO Consultancy for Award Winning Graphic Designer & Art Studio In Manchester.
Micah Purnell

Hilary Marshall

Social Media Strategy & Website

Hilary Marshall is an Writer, Counsellor and Spiritual Director
Hilary Marshall


Businesses and organisations today need a strong online presence, but creating compelling digital media and an engaging website is a challenge.

With over a decade in the Creative Industries, I understand this challenge deeply. From Brighton, England, I lead a global team of experts who’ve spent years crafting award-winning digital experiences.

Our approach is holistic. Beyond just website design, we handle hosting, maintenance and optimisation. Our goal? To boost engagement and sales for your brand. So, if you’re ready to create a unique online experience and truly connect with your community, let’s work together.

Join the myriad of businesses and organisations that have transformed their online presence with our help. Reach out, and let’s embark on this journey together.

Aydee Latty
Aydee has been helping me with the Search Engine Optimisation of my website and the service has not only been super in depth, but he explained everything in a clear way with a relaxed and positive attitude. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aydee.
Micah Purnell
Micah Purnell
Award Winning Designer