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What’s the best way to structure your website

Aydee Latty

Aydee Latty

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Best way to structure your website

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First impressions are essential. With websites, you have about 3 seconds to make an excellent first impression.  

Within the first three seconds, your website should communicate; what you do, how it makes life better, and how we can purchase it.

Many websites don’t do this! They go on about their achievements far too much. 💡 Remember, your website is about the customer or the person you serve. You are here to fix the problem or pain they are having. You are the navigator, and the user is the potential captain. As the navigator, you will lead your client to victory over their frustrations. 

The best way to hook users is to provide decisive information right at the top of the page before they scroll.

  1. What you offer.
  2. How it can make their life better.
  3. How they can access it.
  4. A free offer or download.

Check out this quick template for you. It will help you break down the essential sections and structure for your home page.

Tweak it and make it yours.

The pack contains 4 different formats for you to use in your website design. Everything you need!





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