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One way to avoid burnout as a multi-creative entrepreneur?

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Avoiding burnout

Yeah. So how do you not burn out as a multi-creative entrepreneur?

We have a certain amount of energy. Our bodies and specifically our brain has a finite amount of energy and processing power every day. When it’s done, it’s done!

So how do you not get fatigued, when you’re always on, always connected?

Here’s one thing you can try.

Find your rhythm.

Find a rhythm that works for you. Know how many hours you can work before you need to take a micro-break. What’s a micro-break? Well, I might go for a quick walk, stand up and walk around my studio.  Everybody has a rhythm and research shows that sitting for hours is not productive neither good for your health.

I have the reminder on my watch that reminds me to stand up because otherwise, I will sit at my studio desk for eight hours without a break. Not great!

After you finish for the day schedule 5 mins to think back. Think about what you completed that day. Work out the points where you felt tired or lacked focus. Make a note of the times you felt most productive. Do this for a few days and you might notice a rhythm in your working patterns.

Set a reminder or schedule micro-breaks at those low points. Try it for a few days to see if works for you.



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