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6 ways to keep the creative juices flowing

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Keep Creative

Staying creative can be a challenge sometimes, especially when you have a lot on the go or the task you’re performing is monotonous. Here are some ways to keep the creative juices flowing every day.

Find new networks.
Sometimes it’s easier to stick within your current networks and social groups, but your creativity could take a boost from meeting new people. If looking for new ideas or new ways of thinking, go to a meet-up and connect with others.

Learn something new.
There are benefits to learning something new every day, including improving your brain function and growing your knowledge. When stuck for creative ideas, find a new book or an opinion contrary to yours and explore it.

Do a Spring Clean.
The idea of a Spring Clean is to get rid of all your old dusty crap sitting in the back of a wardrobe somewhere. Every so often, it would help if you Spring Cleaned your online wardrobe, your Social Media, your computer, and don’t forget your house. Doing this might give you a burst of creativity.

Play with your children or someone else’s
You might not know this but with children generally comes an equal amount of joy and pain. Spending time with your children can reset your brain and help you forget the roadblocks. While spending time with kids, you have no choice but to forget about the stuff you can’t do. When you return to work, you might find a new thought drops in your head.

Tip. If you haven’t got any children, offer to look after someone else’s. I’m sure they would appreciate it.

Stare at a body of water
I love to look at the sea. It takes me to another space. It helps me realise I’m one speck in a grand universe of thought and creativity. It helps me put things in perspective. Try it.

Take a very cold or super hot shower.
It’s a known fact that bright ideas occur when you take a shower. Taking a shower releases endorphins and makes you feel relaxed. When you do it remember to, breathe, listen and before long, you’ll begin to feel the creative ideas bubbling.

Stay creative.



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